TGS Safety

Safety, Quality and Reliability
Safety, Quality and Reliability

Safety is the foundation of every Job, and every employee is part of our “TGS Safety Team”

Our Core Safety Values:

  • All injuries Can Be Prevented
  • Working safely is a priority on every Job
  • Accident prevention is vital to minimizing risk and increasing productivity.
  • Management is responsible for providing a reasonable and safe workplace.
  • Employees are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and the safety of others. Employees must follow all established safe work practices as a condition of employment.
  • Management must audit and monitor safety performances and working environment conditions.
  • Safety compliance and controlling future loss requires the participation of all employees to improve safety awareness and prevent accidents and injuries.

TGS is committed to a Comprehensive Safety Program. Working in conjunction with our front-line employees, our customers, and agencies like OSHA, EPA, and FRA we strive to ensure that all our employees receive the quality, up to date training that they need to work safely every day.

Our dedicated Safety & Training Department performs in-house safety audits, periodic inspections of all facilities, and promotes on-going training. In-house trainers are qualified to certify field personnel on most safety topics including: Railroad Operating and Safety Rules, On Track Safety, HAZWOPER 40, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and First Aid & CPR. In addition, we also include off-site ISTC trainings done by local safety councils to offer additional training in many areas.

TGS employs a variety of safety strategies and initiatives that encourage employee participation in our safety culture.

TGS has multiple peer trainers that have been identified as some of the best in their craft. The peer trainer program allows for peer-to-peer evaluations and training options. TGS’ peer trainers work with fellow employees within their craft and management to identify personnel that can benefit from further training and feedback.

Other initiatives include Work Planning & Hazard Risk Analysis, Daily Job Safety Briefings, Daily Supervisor Audits, Operational Efficiency Tests, Drone Efficiency Testing, and Locomotive Simulator Instruction. TGS Management is dedicated to using new technologies and methods to improve employee safety.