Third-party Switching

In Plant Rail Switching

TGS contract switching services offer a multitude of options for our rail operations clients. We are able to accommodate multiple levels of activity and service; from the leasing of a single locomotive to fully-integrated rail switching services, including the complete management of our clients’ rail operations. TGS does this with a consistent level of operational excellence that allows us to maintain our leadership position in the industry.

As your switching service company, TGS has the ability to relieve your organization of the complications and difficulties of day-to-day rail operations management. Our superior expertise has proven to be a cost-effective and value added benefit to our clients. With the need for third-party switching services growing, TGS is positioned to stay the leader.

TGS will provide locomotives and qualified crew members to meet each customer’s unique needs. We offer a full complement of rail switching services including the complete range of rail maintenance within the customer’s facility, minor rail and tie repairs and subgrade and surfacing work.

Our engineers, switchmen, and conductors receive on-going in-house training from our highly experienced training staff and incident prevention personnel ensuring that they are current on all technical and safety issues.

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Third-Party Switching

Nick Mayorga
Regional Operations and Business Development Manager